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In some cases, all one might need to start is an online handle or nickname.

Ideally, starting with more information about the person can yield better results. When dealing with younger people such as millennials, this can be a relatively easier task as they tend to have more established and widespread web presences. An older or more cautious person may not have as much information posted online, and may not even use certain major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

However, for most people, even if they are relatively concerned about their privacy, a significant amount of information can be found by conducting the right search. The top 4 sites to begin any search are:.

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Google is the obvious place to start an online search. Beyond just typing in a name, there are a host of advanced search techniques that one can use. To enhance the power of a search, try the following tips:. Having a photo of the person being searched for is useful in case they have a very common name, or if their name appears on many results.

What will a Criminal Record Check provide?

The Google image search function can also be useful in this case. Anyone can apply, regardless of where they currently reside. In order to have the fee discounted, your application must be accompanied by a letter from the volunteer agency, on the agency's letterhead, with the following information:. Browser Compatibility Notification. It appears you are trying to access this site using an outdated browser. As a result, parts of the site may not function properly for you. We recommend updating your browser to its most recent version at your earliest convenience.

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If the position does not meet the requirements of the Criminal Records Act for a VS check, it will not be processed. It is illegal for a police service to conduct a VS check if it does not qualify. The main requirement for a VS check is where the applicant will be working in a position of trust or authority towards vulnerable persons.

Applying for Canadian Citizenship with Criminal Record

This is created when and individual's relationship with someone else has any of the following characteristics:. Someone working in an environment where they may have passing or incidental contact with vulnerable persons - such as a receptionist, maintenance worker, kitchen worker or in an administrative role - would not usually qualify for a VS check. Public Safety Canada offers valuable information to assist agencies and employers on hiring employees and volunteers, including guidance on which level of police check is most appropriate based on the position, and how to determine screening requirements.

Not necessarily. Our role is limited to providing a report with any potentially relevant information held in police databanks. The Hamilton Police Service does not offer police checks for persons under 18 years of age unless the applicant requires one for a paid or volunteer position with a government employer federal, provincial or municipal. Eligible persons under 21 years must attend the Records Branch of the Police Service in person, as they will not be able to successfully authenticate ID using the on-line process.

Police record checks

Due to the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, an individual sentenced for an offence as a Young Person does not have to apply for a record suspension Pardon , since all records are destroyed or archived once all applicable time periods have elapsed. As well, persons under the age of 25 years are highly unlikely to have any information for which a VS screening check is required. However, we will process VS checks for applicants years of age if requested, and if eligible. If you have resided in another jurisdiction and still retain your permanent address there, you are advised to obtain a screening check from that police service.

We will accept your screening application if you are able to provide documents to prove you are registered as a student in a Hamilton educational institution. We do not recommend it. First, you might obtain the wrong type of check and then have to apply for a new one at additional cost.

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As well, most employers will want a recent police check; if you do one in advance, it might not be accepted depending on when it was originally completed. Police records checks are only valid on the day they are issued, since information can change from day to day. They are a 'snapshot in time' only. Some might accept a police check that is months old, while others may want a new one.

Since a person can be clear of charges or criminal activity today but could be arrested and charged tomorrow, we offer no guarantees on the validity of a police check beyond the actual date on which the search was conducted. As well, not all criminal convictions are reported to the RCMP, and more recent dispositions may not be updated on their system at the time a check is conducted.

In our experience, most employers will ask for a new screening check if the current one is older than 6 months, and almost certainly if it's older than one year. We stress that you make your choice carefully as we do not provide refunds or exchanges once we have completed your check. The employer must find information from a police check relevant to the job they are offering. The Ontario Human Rights Code states that a person cannot be discriminated against based on, among other things, a 'record of offences'.

Obviously some jobs - such as Police or Corrections Officer - will require the person to be free of convictions and have nothing in their history that might call their integrity into question.

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  • A person seeking a job at a financial institution will not likely be successful if they have convictions for theft, fraud or other crimes of dishonesty. However, a criminal record may not necessarily bar a person from obtaining employment or a volunteer position - the employer must show how that record is relevant to the position being offered - a bona fide reason for refusal. Page 8 of the Directive includes the following: " Where a Vulnerable Sector Verification report has been sought by an organization If your name, birthdate and gender or just your birthdate and gender resulted in a possible match to a pardoned offender record for sexual offences, your fingerprints must be taken for comparison and elimination purposes.

    Record Checks - London Police Service

    As with all fingerprints collected for civil non-criminal purposes, they are only retained in the RCMP system for days. If you have been fingerprinted before for purposes such as military, security clearance, etc. It is highly unlikely the prints were queried against the pardoned offenders database at the time, as it requires a a justifiable purpose for the VS query, and b written consent by the applicant to have their prints queried against this specific databank. Therefore, in most cases you will have to submit new prints each time you require a Vulnerable Sector check.

    Police contacts are incidents where a person has been investigated for a crime but charges were never laid or where charges were laid but did not result in a conviction. Although not a criminal record, there can be situations where a person has had contact with the police that might cause an employer to ask additional questions or seek further references.

    The disclosure of these types of contacts does not imply the subject is guilty of any crime or even has a criminal record. This information may or may not be relevant to an employer for the position being offered. The determination on relevance is up to the employer, not the police service. Our role is limited to completing the record check request. We offer no opinion or comment on a person's suitability, and we do not undertake any discussions with an employer regarding specific individuals. All information in this process is released directly to the applicant; we do not disclose any information to employers or other persons.

    In exceptional circumstances, police contact or non-conviction records may be considered for release on a Police Vulnerable Sector Check.

    canada getting a criminal records check Canada getting a criminal records check
    canada getting a criminal records check Canada getting a criminal records check
    canada getting a criminal records check Canada getting a criminal records check
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