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Highly cited article collection In celebration of the latest impact factor announcement, read a collection of highly cited articles from the ESHRE journals. Explore the collection. Latest articles The technical risks of human gene editing. Mutations in the stromal antigen 3 STAG3 gene cause male infertility due to meiotic arrest. Psychological well-being of identity-release egg donation parents with infants. Progression of deep infiltrating rectosigmoid endometriotic nodules. Most read Low-level sex chromosome mosaicism in female partners of couples undergoing ICSI therapy does not significantly affect treatment outcome.

Thermal asymmetry of the human scrotum. Qualitative research methods: when to use them and how to judge them. Vaginal bleeding in very early pregnancy. Bleeding patterns after vaginal misoprostol for treatment of early pregnancy failure.

Testicular dysgenesis syndrome: an increasingly common developmental disorder with environmental aspects: Opinion. International estimates of infertility prevalence and treatment-seeking: potential need and demand for infertility medical care. The prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome in a community sample assessed under contrasting diagnostic criteria. Utility of the sperm chromatin structure assay as a diagnostic and prognostic tool in the human fertility clinic. Latest tweets. Would it provide a better way of life for humans?

Objections to the idea of changing the appearance of aquarium fish using genetic engineering to make the fish glow often focused on the lack of apparent need or benefit to either humans or animals. At this point it would just [be] playing God to entertain rather [than] help us. Technology should be used to help people, animals and the environment, not put on a glow show. If you only do something because you can is not a good reason. If any genetic engineering is allowed it will get out of hand. It would be a fine line that I am sure we would cross.

The aquarium fish also do not benefit from their changed appearance. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Home U. Publications Topics Datasets Interactives Experts.

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What is selective breeding?

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What is selective breeding?

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find out and modify selected human Find out and modify selected human
find out and modify selected human Find out and modify selected human
find out and modify selected human Find out and modify selected human
find out and modify selected human Find out and modify selected human
find out and modify selected human Find out and modify selected human

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