Example washington state divorce process

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Assets Considered Community Property

Visit www. NOTE : If you choose to use an Online Divorce Service, the fees you pay to them are for their service alone and do not include the required court filing fees to file your divorce case in Wahkiakum County Superior Court. Retain an Attorney or Professional Legal Service.

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Fees can be paid by check or money order and all fees including copy fees can be totaled together into one payment. Important things to keep in mind when filing in Wahkiakum County: Only send in the Original Documents with original ink signatures , we do not accept copies for filing. You can send copies if you want them conformed and mailed back to you when the divorce is final.

Do not fill in the case number on your documents , we will write in the case number once you are assigned one in Wahkiakum County. Fault, such as adultery, is not required, nor is consent of the other spouse. To get a divorce in Washington State, you or your spouse must be either a resident of the state or a member of the military stationed in the state.

You may file in any Washington State county where you or your spouse resides. Unless the divorce is uncontested, the next step after filing is to serve the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage along with the Summons on your spouse, the Respondent.

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A process server or county sheriff will deliver the petition in person and verify with the court that your spouse has been served. If you and your spouse agree on all issues, the divorce is uncontested.


When Should You Hire a Seattle Divorce Attorney?

Your final documents will match your petition for dissolution. If there is disagreement, the divorce is contested. These orders are in effect only while your divorce is pending and should be entered in any contested case to ensure proper management of your case while awaiting final court orders. In Washington State, when children are involved in a divorce, the parties are required to attend a mandatory seminar that addresses the impact of divorce on children. Unless attendance is waived, parents must attend the parenting seminar and provide proof of their attendance and completion to the court before their case will be finalized by the court.

Who Gets the House in a Divorce | Washington State

Discovery is a process during which you can acquire information that relates to your divorce from your spouse or others. Discovery may include sending specific questions Interrogatories and requests for specific documents Requests for Production to your spouse. Requests for documents can also be sent to third parties, like banks, to get information that may assist you in preparing your case.

While the list is potentially endless, here are some types of property that are often overlooked:.

Grounds and Waiting Period

Be sure to carefully inventory and list all possible property and debt. Washington is a community property state … but not so much in divorce. Some divorcing people engage in expensive court battles to prove that something is separate property, only to win that point but still have that property divided in the same way as community property. Many people stop there, which is a mistake. The number is usually wrong.

How to File For Divorce in Washington

The number is usually wrong because the worksheet is chock-full of invalid assumptions. Here are a few examples:. These are just a few examples; the worksheets contain many other invalid assumptions that will almost always make the presumed support number incorrect.

Example washington state divorce process
Example washington state divorce process
Example washington state divorce process
Example washington state divorce process
Example washington state divorce process
Example washington state divorce process
Example washington state divorce process

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