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Hello, I am starting the process of moving mailboxes from a 5.

When I try using "Migration Wizard" I get the following error. Re-installing the application may fix the problem. When trying to use "Exmerge" I get the following error.

What Bits Do We Need Where?

Why am I getting the same type of error running two completely different utilities? Thanks, Chris B. Start Free Trial.

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  • GroupWise to Exchange 2007 - Interoperability and transformation (Part 6).
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Do more with. View Solution Only. Commented: Hi Cbarone, have you followed my guidelines in the other question you posted? Yes - it is necessary to install exmerge in the BIN directory under exchsrvr. Author Commented: I did this and got it working. - unable to locate component - Microsoft Community

I am having trouble connecting to the source exchange server from the destination server through exmerge and the Mirgration Wizard. Figure 3: The Proxy Access tab. Use the Add User button to add in the GroupWise mailbox that you intend to use with the Migration Wizard, and then under Access rights for… select all of the available options. In Figure 3 you can see I have created an account called Migrate Account. So that covers a single mailbox, but what about assigning proxy rights for all mailboxes? Well, there are varied ways to grant proxy access to multiple GroupWise mailboxes. You can change GroupWise passwords for the batch of users being migrated, log in to the mailboxes one by one, grant proxy access and then export the GroupWise contacts.

This is tedious, but has some advantages. My experience would say that for a migration of less than say 50 mailboxes, it is probably simpler to change GroupWise password, log in to mailboxes and grant proxy access. For larger migrations, automation is the way to go.

Once all of the prerequisites have been met, and the various tools, component and connectors have been installed, the migration is pretty straightforward. Locate the Microsoft Exchange group on the All Programs menu, then drill down through the Deployment program group and run the Migration Wizard. The next screen, Figure 4, simply recaps what we have covered earlier about the requirements for the GroupWise client and the Microsoft Connectors.

Figure 4: A reminder about the prerequisites. The next screen, shown in Figure 9, gives you the option to do a one or two step migration. The one step migration will extract data from GroupWise and import it directly into Exchange mailboxes. The two step "Extract Migration Files only" option, gives you more flexibility by letting you edit the migration files created to control what is migrated, as described below. These files will typically be created in a directory called GrpWise. These migration files are used in the creation of PST files or in the import of data into Exchange mailboxes.

Fix unable to locate component Error

Figure 5: The GrpWise. The PKL file can be edited in notepad, shown in Figure 6. Figure 6: Editing the PKL file. Removing lines from this PKL file will remove the corresponding mailboxes from being imported into Exchange if the Migration Wizard is run using the Import from Migration Files… option shown in Figure 7. Figure 7: Starting the migration and selecting the import option. There is a high probability that there will be virus infected mail and attachments within the GroupWise database, and Anti Virus quarantining or cleansing of mail or attachment during the GroupWise extraction process can lead to issues later during the import process.

AV scanning also slows things down, so I would simply turn your AV software off during the migration. Obviously once the migration is complete perform a thorough scan of the Exchange system to remove any migrated viruses! You will of course need somewhere to put these migration files and I normally create the directory structure shown in Figure 8, on a disk volume that has free space far in excess of the total GroupWise PO database size.

Figure 8: The directory structure for migration files. If you do not need the flexibility of editing the migration files, choose One Step Migration Recommended and specify a location for the migration files as shown in Figure 9. We will start by outlining the prerequisites and shedding some light on some of the more confusing issues. It will then perform the conversion process from start to finish. After the previous 5 sections, almost everything has been installed and configured by us.

In this six-part article we will talk about the Migration Wizard of Exchange Server Start by outlining the prerequisites and shedding some light on some of the still confusing issues. It will then perform the conversion process.

GroupWise to Exchange 2007 - Interoperability and Migration (Part 6)

The Migration Wizard has options to convert from previous versions of Exchange, Lotus Notes or GroupWise with many other components, as shown in Figure 1. Tips : If you see options for GroupWise 4. Before you can run a conversion using this Migration Wizard , you need to have some prerequisites. The most recent version that supports Windows Server since this article is 4.

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  5. The transfer utility will prompt the location of the GroupWise domain database wpdomain. The actual conversion is on the client side and the transfer utility simply uses the GroupWise client to open the mailboxes and copy the message. The GroupWise 7 client will work but when it is officially on the Microsoft Support Policy, you will have to install the 6. From Table 1 you can see that if you plan to co-exist and convert using the original Migration Wizard , you will need all the components installed on Exchange Server Server.

    If you plan to convert without coexistence using the Quest utility, the components need to be installed all on the Migration Workstation and you do not actually require Exchange !! Exchange only plays a role when coexistence occurs.

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    If so, then the above column will give you prerequisites for Exchange server. Table 1: Representing components required for different conversion scenarios. Note : There are more prerequisites for a Quest migration workstation, which we'll cover in the next section. Proxy Access Every mailbox that you want to convert requires permission to access proxy Proxy Access into a transfer account.

    Proxy Access in GroupWise is the same as shared access or delegate access in Outlook. The Migration Wizard uses its own GroupWise mailbox to log into GroupWise, but then it opens the selected mailboxes to be converted by the proxy. Unless you allow full proxy access to the mailboxes being transferred, the process will not work. You enable proxy access on a separate basis using the Security options from Tools , Options. In the Security options, switch to Proxy Access tab, see Figure 3.

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