Looking for parents e-mail address

Parents — We are unable to accept support requests through this form. Parent Support. ParentMail is a service paid for by schools to help communicate and collect payments from parents. Registration and Login Help.

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I have not received a link to register, can you send me one? When I try to register I get a message stating that I have no connections; what does this mean?

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When I click my registration link, I am told the link has expired, can you send me a new one? I was only asked to register for one child, what about my other children? Spam: If Gmail identifies an email as spam, it won't get delivered to your child's inbox or spam folder.

Report emails as spam If Gmail missed a spam email, report the email. I want to read my child's emails Parents can access their child's account data, like emails, by signing in to the child's account. An email didn't get delivered to my child To make sure that emails make it to your child's inbox, add the sender's email address to your child's contact list. If you don't see the Contacts app, make sure it isn't blocked.

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In the bottom right, tap Add people. Type the contact's name and email address. Tap Done. If you are looking to share important information, announcements are the way to go.

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Look Up a Parent's Email Address with LiveSchool

Rather than a notification about posting a Story, parents will receive the full message as an email or the title of the announcement as SMS with a link to see more. Teachers and parents can send private individual and group messages via ClassTag's conversations. You can do this by clicking on the messaging icon using a computer or the envelope icon using the mobile app on the upper right side.

If you need to send a file e. To download the app, please click the link given below.

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  4. Teachers and parents love ClassTag because it saves time on all of the follow-ups and numerous reminders. Teachers and parents can modify their mail settings for all automated communications so that everyone can find the communication style that is the best fit for the needs. To do this, please follow these steps:. Our teachers' absolute favorite is the Weekly Summary on ClassTag.

    Family Link Disclosure for Parents of Children under 13 (or applicable age in your country)

    Want to see the summary beforehand? If parents have participated in activities the week before, they will even be publicly thanked. What a great way to encourage participation! All Collections.

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    Looking for parents e-mail address
    Looking for parents e-mail address
    Looking for parents e-mail address
    Looking for parents e-mail address
    Looking for parents e-mail address

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