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Some third-party warranties don't require upfront payments either, but some do. If you sell the vehicle, factory extended warranties are often transferable to another owner. To learn specifics about factory extended warranty coverage, go to the manufacturer's extended warranty site.

The 2 Best Extended Car Warranties

Most of the major automakers are linked here. For those that aren't, contact a franchised dealership:. Nissan Smart There's minimal information on the Smart warranty website. Contact a Smart dealer for details. Toyota Volkswagen Volvo. Dealers can sell both factory and third-party warranties and will sometimes promote the third-party provider over their own brand's product. If the dealership says it doesn't offer the manufacturer's warranty, you can inquire at another dealership that sells the same brand. Most people buy plans through a dealership, but some carmakers also sell their extended warranties online.

Buying an extended warranty when you purchase your vehicle lets you include the cost of the warranty in the vehicle's financing. It takes away the sting of paying up front and allows you to roll it into your monthly car payment. A drawback is that you will pay interest over the course of the loan, so the warranty ends up being more expensive than if you'd paid for it all at once.

Of course, if you can qualify for low-interest financing — or can get zero percent interest financing — you could have the best of both worlds. You don't have to purchase an extended warranty when you are buying your new car. You can get an extended warranty any time before the standard factory warranty runs out, which gives you the extra time to save up and shop for the best price.

Some dealerships might offer you what they characterize as zero percent financing on warranty alone, but there's typically a fee attached to the deal. So it's not quite free money. But don't wait too long to buy the extended warranty. If you let the original warranty expire, the vehicle might not qualify for a factory extended warranty or your coverage might be limited.

You still might be able to add the coverage even after the standard factory coverage expires, though this avenue can be far more expensive.

Consider the cost of an extended warranty on your car before buying

If you are purchasing a used vehicle that is out of warranty, however, you usually will need to buy the extended warranty on the day you purchase the car. Researching and comparing warranty providers is a must. The best place to start is by taking stock of your needs out of an extended warranty. So, knowing what they are ahead of time will let you consider different options the smart way. Your starting point will largely depend on what kind of car you are trying to cover.

All vehicles have different needs in terms of service and repair costs they may have. This depends on the make, model, history, and age of the vehicle. This is common for many vehicles older than three years or that have more than 36, miles on the engine. While some warranties last longer, these limits are the most common in the industry today.

When you have a used car, this is the perfect time for getting a used car extended warranty. If you feel like the car may have some unexpected issues in the future, an extended warranty may be a good blanket. An extended warranty for a typical used car should cover unknown issues more than anything else. Depending on the age of the vehicle, you may find extra plans like powertrain warranties can also keep the most important parts of a vehicle protected as the vehicle gets older.

Many high-mileage vehicle owners experience difficulties finding warranty coverage once the vehicle hits the k-mile mark. At that point, nearly all factory warranties have expired. For extended warranties, the options shrink to third-party providers that have one or two high-mileage plans. While the pickings get slimmer, the quality of the plans is still high from reputable providers. Better still, these plans are better suited for the issues high-mileage vehicles typically experience when they age, especially around the powertrain.

This means you will likely get more use from the right plan. The main idea of a high-mileage extended warranty is to cover the vehicle for common issues all older cars develop. At first, it may not make sense to find an extended warranty for a new vehicle. Since all new vehicles come with a factory warranty, what is the point?

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Depending on the plan, extended warranties may cover more issues than the factory warranty itself, especially for things not related to manufacturing and material defects. The extra perks each provider offers may also add some value since factory warranties tend to be bare in extras. The best extended warranty plans for new cars include:.

Why Not to Buy an Extended Car Warranty (Scam)

The decision to buy an extended warranty for a new vehicle is a bit of a coin toss. Ultimately, you will have to weigh the cost of a plan against its potential usefulness.

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Vintage and antique cars are difficult to get covered with an extended warranty. Most warranty plans cap off the maximum limits at ten years and , miles.

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This will automatically disclude any true classic car that is 25 years or older. Like high-mileage cars, the pickings may be slim, but they do exist. Keep in mind, however, these plans tend to only cover newer classic vehicles. You may need time to find specialty warranty providers that actually offer a good plan. If nothing shows up, alternatives like classic auto insurance are also available.

Where do you go to actually find different warranty providers? This is something all vehicle owners struggle with when they make the decision to buy an extended warranty. With so many options to consider, it can be a challenge to know who is more reputable than others in the industry. This is also a challenge we face when writing our warranty reviews.

Since we want to provide accurate, helpful reviews to our readers, we take some extra strides to vet the information on each company we review. Besides just using your favorite search engine, these resources will often point you in the right direction towards reputable providers. Best of all, these resources will help you compare and assess the providers you find. It helps to have a third-party resource to get unbiased reviews of different extended warranties and their providers. We use a number of third-party reviewers when checking out the latest extended warranty options or new companies that enter into the mix every now and then.

A good majority of these sites are solely focused on reviews, meaning they cover a large swathe of services and companies in and out of the automotive space. As you research different warranty providers, we recommend using as many of these resources as possible. Having a single independent take on warranty providers is great, but multiple reviews will give you a larger picture of what users and review sites like or dislike about them.

Different third-party sites also tend to have different review processes or areas that they consider. The best sites also have a free quote option, so you can get information that is personalized to you. Since plan costs are always dependent on your specific vehicle, driving history, and other factors, a free quote can give you a better idea of what you might pay personally. What does an automotive news site have to do with researching extended car warranties?

We like to think a lot. At TheDrive , we often look beyond the fancy, speedy cars to research and review the accessories and policies that make them better. The same goes for factory and extended warranties. One thing that we like to do differently is to look closer at individual warranty plans. As you continue to research your extended warranty options, check out these in-depth reviews to get a sense of the specific details and major differences between these options.

If your research goes well, you will likely have a number of warranty providers to consider in addition to the individual plans each provider offers.

Don't get surprised by the real costs many extended car warranties have

We recommend taking some time to compare each provider before looking at individual plans so you know you are going with a reputable company. Extended warranty providers are usually the first point of contact when you have an issue you want to fix under the warranty. While some warranty providers just pass you along to the administrator of the warranty, the best help you every step of the way, especially if they offer their own plans directly.

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This is why it pays to take the time to look at warranty providers in-depth. We like to get in touch with third-party providers as well. Finally, keep in mind that no company will be perfect.

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So, pay attention to your gut feeling in addition to everything you find. At some point, you will need to actually sit down and start considering different warranty options. In other words, you need a few plans to really look at and compare against each other.

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