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This occurred primarily on October 29th and 31st. As a result of this malicious behavior, Microsoft's mail protection teams saw a spike in bounce rates and a few spam reports , and by comparing the delivery volume during these events to our baseline volumes, Microsoft decided to blacklist on of our IP addresses. This occurred a few days later, on November 3rd.


On the morning of Friday November 3rd San Francisco, or Pacific time we received reports from our users of emails being undeliverable because one of our IP addresses was blacklisted. They got a bounce-back from Microsoft, and while the details were still vague, the response was timely.

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This was something localized to Microsoft. The instructions for requesting removal from the Microsoft-specific blacklist were not well maintained for anyone who has this problem, the form you need to submit at the time of writing is here. Being unable to see any details for the rejection cause at all from Microsoft, we submitted the application for removal at around 8am Pacific on Friday, and it took Microsoft a couple of days to remove us from their blacklist.

When removed, they sent us a slightly confusing message: "We have implemented mitigation for your IP and this process may take 24 - 48 hours to replicate completely throughout our system. After almost a day of successful deliverability Monday , another part of the Microsoft team decided to Blacklist us again on Monday evening, only this time, instead of bouncing emails immediately, they merely delayed them.

When clients reported problems on Tuesday morning, we didn't have any bounce report information to work with since they were being delayed, not rejected , and given Microsoft had told us it could take up to 48 hours for the blacklist to be "mitigated", we initially thought this was a symptom of the delay Microsoft had advised us to expect.

On Tuesday afternoon we followed up with Microsoft again, and an escalation team informed us that they couldn't look into the IP address issue further, saying cryptically at 8pm Pacific "Our investigation has determined that the above IP s do not qualify for mitigation". In this investigation, our engineering team found that one external client server which appeared to be compromised was taking advantage of a specific configuration on our side to relay emails specifically to hotmail.

Our engineering team then changed the configuration which itself was only implemented to overcome a different Microsoft deliverability issue back in June of which ensured we can't be taken advantage of again this way by this server or any other trust servers.

Windows Live Mail Open Email

In addition, we also updated our sender IP address to a new IP, and were able to get mail flowing to Microsoft's consumer email servers again even though the previous address had been blocked. Mail which was sent after 10pm Pacific on Tuesday is now being successfully delivered to Microsoft consumer email servers we haven't had a single deferral or bounce to a hotmail. To mitigate the potential of good, trusted clients going bad either because they've been compromised, or because they turn to the dark side , our engineering team will be implementing proactive analysis of sending patterns so we can block trusted people from doing the wrong thing before it can cause wider ripple effects.

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused. Spam is a massive cost to society generally, and it really sucks when it goes beyond an irritation and stops us from doing our work. We also apologize for the frustration caused by us telling clients what we understood and believed to be true - but which, it turned out, wasn't always accurate because of cryptic and out-of-date information we we'd received. We're right there in the infuriated camp with you. If you've got any further questions, feel free to email support accelo.

Yet another problem is the sheer volume of information that those logs might collect.

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Windows Live Hotmail has millions upon millions of accesses every day. Logs that include any useful amount about those accesses would be huge. Too huge. So as a result it's extremely likely that even if there are logs, they're only kept for so long before they're discarded to make room. How long are logs kept? Your guess is as good as mine. A day? A week?

A month? There's no way to know.

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Microsoft's not saying. Finally, let's say the information you need is being logged, and it's being kept long enough for it to still be available.

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  • What then? Microsoft will most certainly not just give it to you if you ask. Besides being a huge privacy risk, it would require more resources that Microsoft just doesn't have allocated to what is a free service. You get what you pay for and you're paying nothing. Chances are the police can't just walk in and ask for it either, though I suppose it's possible. More likely is that the police or other law enforcement officials will have to go to court and get a court order forcing Microsoft to release the information they have.

    It sounds like it's quite an ordeal to get this information, and it needs to be.

    How do I find out who owns a Hotmail account?

    You don't want this information to be freely or easily available for privacy reasons. Making it difficult helps protect every Windows Live Hotmail user's privacy. The bottom line is that only law enforcement can tell you whether or not they can even try to get the information based on just how serious the issue you're facing is. Depending on how far you want to take this you could also tell a friend tipped off to meet you at an event that isn't taking place.

    Wait out of site and see if the fellow turns up.

    How To Find The Sender’s IP Address From An Email Message

    If so, you have an issue. Hi leo.. Im trying to find the IP address in windos live hotmail,,i cant findthe display settings! Gmail has recently incorporated the feature you're asking about. Another reason to choose gmail over Hotmail. It tells you how your account was accessed browser, pop3, etc , from what IP and when. It keeps a log of the last 5 sessions. Just great for security! I think an ex girl friend has logged into my hotmail account.

    I have changed the passwords etc. But want to know if she has and could find that out if there was an IP log that I could audit as she lives in London does anyone know how I could find out if she someone has logged into my account from another city?

    How to read email full headers

    Seeing the comment above I don't think you have the answer at this time BUT please post in case someone comes up with the answer in future. Hotmail DOES keep a log of your logins. There is a tool we used and it would tell us everything about the account, including the times of login, whether it was a failed or successful login so as to keep track of if someone was trying to enter with a wrong password and also the IP address.

    Find an IP Address - Hotmail

    There is one way to know if an unauthorized person open your email by broswer in your hotmail account without asking Microsoft help.

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