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Contact your lawyer; if you don't have one, contact EFF and we may be able to help. Even those courts that have used the "material disruption" test when evaluating school punishments for off-campus web sites have usually found the punishments to be unconstitutional. In fact, some students who have been punished for their personal web sites have been able to get their school records cleared and obtain cash settlements from their schools in exchange for dropping or not bringing a lawsuit.

Read the full story. Most schools, when faced with the threat of a suit for a clearly unconstitutional punishment, will back down and clear your record. Not if it is false and will cause harm to someone's reputation. If you blog based on a rumor that the dude in the back row of chemistry class is a pothead, or that the head cheerleader has hooked up with half the football team, or that the principal is having an affair with the algebra teacher, and it ends up not being true, then you may have defamed those people.

So if you're thinking about publishing a statement on your blog that might be false or cause harm to someone's reputation or someone is claiming you have , check out The Bloggers' FAQ on Online Defamation Law. The Bloggers' FAQ on Intellectual Property will help you understand your rights to link to information, quote from articles and blogs, or otherwise use someone else's creative works. It also addresses situations where you can use the brand name of a good or service in your blog.

Here you can also learn about the right of publicity, which is relevant if you want to use someone's name or image in a commercial context. Not without asking. People can get upset if you spread their secrets.

Ask friends and family what types of stuff they're comfortable with you sharing on your blog. When you take pictures for your online photo album, be considerate and ask your subjects if they don't mind before you post it. Outing a friend who told you about things like a private medical condition or family problem is not only really lame, it also could violate "publication of private facts" law, which is designed to protect a person's private information even if the information is truthful.

For more information, please read the Bloggers' FAQ on Privacy , which also addresses "intrusion into seclusion" law, which is designed to protect people's privacy and their interest in being left alone. Keep in mind that whatever you post on a public blog can be seen by your friends, your enemies, your teachers, your parents, your ex, that Great Aunt who likes to pinch your cheeks like you're a baby, the admissions offices of schools and colleges to which you might apply, current and future potential employers, and anyone else with access to the Internet and a search engine.

While you can change your blog post at any time, it may be archived by others.

So, before you reveal personal information online, carefully consider whether you want that to be public now and in the future. And keep in mind that although a school has little power to punish you for off-campus speech, it can still use your blog against you as evidence of other rules violations. For example , several underage college students were recently punished for violating their school's alcohol policy after they posted pictures of themselves drinking.

You can use password-protected blogs and other technologies that allow a more limited audience, such as "friends-only" posts. If you don't want to blog anonymously , consider blogging under only your first name, or for even more privacy, a pseudonym. This will make it harder for people to search on your name depending, of course, on how rare your name is.

You can also use a robots. Contact a lawyer; if you don't have one, contact EFF and we may be able to help.

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Such a blanket ban at a public school would undoubtedly violate your First Amendment rights, while such a ban at a private school may violate state laws protecting student speech that are described below. Six states Arkansas , California , Colorado , Iowa , Kansas and Massachusetts have laws that provide public high school students with additional protections for their publications and other speech.

In addition, California law ensures that for both public and private high schools, "a student shall have the same right to exercise his or her right to free speech on campus as he or she enjoys when off campus. Poway Unified School District , 90 F. Moreover, California law also protects students at community colleges , public universities , and private postsecondary schools , but does not apply to religious schools "to the extent that the application of this section would not be consistent with the religious tenets of the organization.

The New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania constitutions also have been interpreted to provide some additional protection for the free expression rights of students on private campuses.

Step 1. What to Write in Your First Blog Post

USC's Online Journalism Review has an excellent summary of cases and news reports dealing with school speech issues, the Student Press Law Center provides a wide selection of legal research memos for the student press, FIRE provides an excellent Guide to Free Speech on Campus for college students, focusing on speech codes, and the ACLU provides general information on student rights.

Please see our Blogger's FAQ on Labor Law , which addresses the free speech protections for employees of government institutions. Join EFF Lists. Electronic Frontier Foundation. Student Bloggers. Addressing the First Amendment rights of public college students, one federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals explained: It may well be that a college need not establish a campus newspaper, or, if a paper has been established, the college may permanently discontinue publication for reasons wholly unrelated to the First Amendment.

But if a college has a student newspaper, its publication cannot be suppressed because college officials dislike its editorial comment. Based on how the courts have applied the "material disruption" standard to off-campus web sites in the past, there are several things you can do to avoid a situation where the school might discipline you: Most importantly, don't post anything that someone at school is likely to take as a direct physical threat against school staff or students.

Don't advocate for the immediate violation of any laws or school rules. Review the Bloggers' Legal Guide to understand your rights and make sure you aren't publishing anything illegal.

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Just as you have First Amendment rights like other bloggers, you're also subject to all the same legal responsibilities. If you choose your domain later, Bluehost will give you the option for domain privacy then. Complete your hosting purchase. Enter your payment information, review the Terms, check the box, hit Submit. Create your account and set a password. This is the password to your Bluehost account, not your WordPress blog that will come via email.

Start creating your website! Enter the name of your blog and a tagline if you have an idea. If not, you can easily change it later.

How to Write Your First Blog Post (16,000-word Guide + 65 Expert Tips)

Leave it off if you want a regular static website without blog posts. You can always add a blog later. Choose whether you want your blog posts to show up on your home page or on a separate blog page. This is a matter of personal preference and can be changed at any time. Currently, I display my blog posts on a different page. If they want to read my blog posts, they can click the Blog link in my header. Finish the survey questions. Neither locks you in. Skip any free themes. Unless you are familiar with a theme listed, skip this step link at bottom.

How do I find someone's blog?

Choose a better theme later. You can log into your Bluehost account at Bluehost. Welcome to the WordPress Dashboard. The black column on the left is a good indicator you are in the WordPress Dashboard. The rest of the screen might look different. Not to worry. The key is the black column! Check your permalink structure. Your permalink structure determines how your post and page URLs will be formatted.

It could result in broken links. Change your username from admin. This is to protect your site from hackers who exploit the default admin username. To change it, first create a new user then delete the admin user. Want more in-depth instructions with screenshots? Check out my WordPress for Beginners post here. Install important plugins.

It is widely recognized as the SEO plugin. What is SEO? It fights comment spam. Delete the default content. There are cluttery, default things in all new WordPress blogs. I remove the following:. Move from your temporary domain. The way you proceed here depends on what you entered in the domain screen back in Step 4. Here are your three choices:.

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

Did you enter a new domain? Activate it. Check your email inbox to find the domain activation email.

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