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Well, a one of the things you can do when finding a job with a felony to increase your chances of getting hired is selling yourself in an interview. With application screening like this, your application might never make it to the actual store and you will never get a face-to-face interview. Please note that not all companies use a procedure like this. If I was currently trying to find a job, I would apply everywhere I could.

Just to see what happens.

22. Helper to Extraction Workers

The worst thing someone can do is tell you no or not call you back, right? They are usually more lax with doing background checks and hiring ex-offenders. If you can wow them at the interview they might be willing to look past your record and give you a shot. There are also online opportunities where you can make money from your home. When I was finding a job with a felony, money I made online helped me make ends meet. The amount of misinformation, scams, schemes, etc. Your First Interview. That was the advice given to me when I started job training at a re-entry program I was in in New Jersey.

What I interpreted it to mean was come prepared, be ready for anything, and look the part. You want to walk out of that interview feeling like you aced it. You need to sell yourself, your skills, and how you could be perfect for the job opportunity. Appearance is incredibly important when interviewing for a job.

Before you even say a word, the potential employer will already have an opinion about you based on your appearance.

Ex-offenders Employment: Finding a job with a felony

For men — be freshly shaved ; facial hair should be kept to a minimal length, tight, and professional looking. The exception to this is if the facial hair is for religious purposes, in which case there is no need to worry about your facial hair. We have to work with what we have, or can afford. The following is what I do in regards to an outfit when I go into an interview. This mainly applies to men, as I am one, but can be helpful to women as well. Make sure your outfit fits properly, not too big but definitely not too small.

The exception to this is, of course, religious reasons. If you should not wear pants below the ankles for religious purposes, disregard that. Accessorize — For me, I prefer simple yet noticeable things to compliment my outfit. In addition, I may sometimes put a handkerchief in my suit pocket that matches.

Iron your clothes either night before or that morning, inspect for small spots and stains, minor tears, and other things that may draw the attention of an employer.

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If there is no other option and you must wear something like this, try to cover it up as best you can. Your shoes should be as clean as you get them. One of the first things I notice about a person is their shoes and anything on their hand and wrist rings, watches, bracelets.

13 Potential No-Background-Check Jobs That Pay Well

This is a crucial moment for you, as you have to sell yourself to the employer. Everyone has to do this, not just ex-offenders.

Always try to maintain eye contact when during your interview. If you are asked a question, and your eyes wander off to somewhere else in the room while answering, this can be interpreted as being dishonest.

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  5. A criminal record may not be the obstacle to employment that it once was;
  6. Note: The following occupations are not guaranteed to work for everyone who has a criminal record. Some employers may still check your background and decline your application. In certain cases, you also may be declined due to your specific offenses or due to local, state, or federal regulations that pertain to the position you're applying for.

    Hourly pay estimates are based on national data from May The popularity of smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices continues to grow. As a result, the demand for new and updated apps for those devices remains high all over the world.

    The demand is so high that many companies are having trouble finding qualified app developers. That means they are sometimes willing to forego background checks or overlook criminal records for the chance to hire people with the right skills. Learning how to code is a powerful way to start opening new doors. Although many employers in the technology sector do perform background checks on potential new hires, many don't. After all, it can be hard to find great programmers, so it isn't always wise for employers to screen out talented ex-offenders.

    Plus, computer programming offers tremendous potential for self-employment.

    Top 10 Careers for Felons

    Companies that offer a lot of online services rarely have all of the web development talent they need. With constant changes to Internet technologies and consumer habits, there are always new updates to be rolled out and new web apps to be developed. As a result, a lot of companies are willing to forego background checks if it means they can more easily find talented web developers.

    And, like programmers, people in this occupation can build good careers as freelancers. Do you have any great stories that you wish you could share with the world? Is your imagination practically limitless? Writing has always been a great option for people who've felt like outcasts or had run-ins with the law. After all, you don't necessarily have to find companies that don't do background checks.

    Instead, you can offer copywriting services on a freelance basis or pursue the life of an author or Hollywood scriptwriter. Nearly every industry is full of companies that need go-getting sales reps. And many of those companies offer sales jobs with no background checks since effective salespeople can be hard to find. Plus, you can earn great money by selling products or services. Frequently, you don't even need any prior experience—as long as you're willing to learn and put yourself out there.

    Finding Jobs That Will Hire People With a Felony. - Laborer Jobs |

    We live in a very visual culture. As a result, graphic design plays a big role in the marketing efforts of most organizations. That's why a lot of employers will probably care more about your design talent and technical skills than about your criminal record. Of course, if you want to avoid the chance of having background checks run on you, then this field provides ample opportunity for earning your living as a freelancer. The manufacturing sector tends to offer a lot of possibilities for people who have criminal records, especially in the areas of line work, production, packaging, and machine operation.

    But if you get some additional vocational training, then you may be able to land an even higher-paying position as a mechanic who fixes, maintains, and installs the machines on factory floors. The oil and gas industry also hires industrial mechanics to help repair and maintain pipeline and refinery systems. Many ex-offenders have achieved success by pursuing the carpentry trade.

    Jobs For Felons

    Building homes, businesses, schools, or other structures is good, honest work. And it often pays well. When it comes to becoming a licensed journeyman carpenter, certain convictions can be problematic since some states perform background checks. But many states evaluate each person on a case-by-case basis, so your criminal record won't necessarily disqualify you. A lot of restaurants don't do any pre-employment background checks. That's particularly true for some small establishments.

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